FORTHCOMING - 8 TRACKS ALBUM, VINYL 12", 160gr, 200 limited copies, numbered


XXXV gold fingers 'Logica Aggregazione' 
debut album on tape tales
CASSETTE TAPES - Courtesy of Common Series

Logica Aggregazione is the debut album from Marco Erroi, produced under the name of XXXV gold fingers (Common Series Ltd). 

A long playing conceptually based on investigating the human beings and is ever-evolving logic in relation with the society and the surrounding. 11 tracks which completes sound recordings, guitars, vocals, keyboards and tambourines, drawing a bright and intense sound path made of ambient, folk, experimental and concrete music. All influences that sum up approaches and behaviors of Marco Erroi, who gave us an otherworldly album to be passed through, with mind and soul. Distributed on 100 ltd. gray-sand cassettes (C50). 
VINYL 12" 140gr 250 handnumbered copies
VINYL 7" - 250 handnumbered copies - Limited Edition


Extracted from the Various "This is Land of Dance Part 1&2"
VINYL 2x12" - Land Of Dance Records [LOD10PT1&2]
Courtesy of Common Series Ltd
VINYL limited edition of 150 copies (NBSTlimited 005)
Courtesy of Common Series Ltd
XXXV gold fingers "Galegos Bar"
[Split Ep w/ Man Dela "The Ritual + Anthon Zap rmx"]
VINYL & DIGITAL (What Ever Not - WEN010)
Courtesy of Common Series Ltd
Extracted from the Various Artist "House Culture"
VINYL - 12Records [12R13]
Courtesy of Common Series Ltd

3 DECKS djset
Vinyl set recorded by GoldFinger & Richard Edogawa - Copertino (ITA) 25 Feb 2015

VINYL & DIGITAL (What Ever Not - WEN006) 
Courtesy of Common Series
VINYL ONLY - 200 Ltd