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XXXV Edits 08
|| 4 TRACKS / VINYL / 12" ||

"XXXV hit us with an 8th installment of dancefloor primed edits" - Phonica Records

 Marco Erroi, Paola Perrone - Out Of Place / Morning


Encounters, appointments, motion to and from, shades:
mixing different worlds - generating something new
|| 4 TRACKS / 150 COPIES ONLY ON VINYL / 12" ||

Excellent funk-fuelled Italo edits , limited edition vinyl. (Phonica Records)

 XXXV gold fingers "VEDADO TRAX"


 Marco Erroi 'Edge Of Blue'

| LP Album - Vinyl 12" limited edition - Courtesy of Common Series |

"Rettangoli di spazio dai contorni indefiniti su sfondo colorato, sospesi, avanzano e retrocedono in un blu profondo. 
Forme reiterate e dense, immagini eclettiche e permeabili, interazione e progressiva semplificazione. 
Ritmo pulsante e sviluppo orizzontale: il punto focale di meditazione." M.E.

|| 13 TRACKS / 150 COPIES ONLY ON VINYL / 12" ||

"XXXV Edits steps up with two, ultra-vibrant 12”s, each packed with a top-notch collection of Cuban jazzdance house treasures. Seriously funky rhythms across both of these killer releases!" Phonica Records

|| 4 TRACKS / 180 COPIES ONLY ON VINYL / 12" / 45RPM ||

|| 4 TRACKS / 180 COPIES ONLY ON VINYL / 12" / 45RPM ||

"The latest 12” in the ever-impressive XXXV Edits series had landed, this time featuring an eclectic selection of #funk, #acid and #disco flavoured rippers. Massive!" [Phonica Records - London] 
|| 4 TRACKS / 200 COPIES ONLY ON VINYL / 12" / 45RPM ||

"Lecce-based Marco Erroi (Common Series) returns with more of his hot edits on the second edition of the XXXV series. There's a strong, lo-slung Blaxploitation vibe going on in this volume, opening with "B Movie" followed by some trippy acapella action on the reduced, spacey and almost cosmic "Not Just A Groove". Flip over for a respectful edit of a well-known classic ("Dancing" - no guesses there!) and closer "Karon" which goes well deep and spiritual with its sweltering Afro vibe, thanks to Erroi's on-point splicing techniques. Tip!" [Juno Records - UK]
|| 4 TRACKS / 150 COPIES ONLY ON VINYL / 12" / 45RPM ||
"The debut release from XXXV Edits has landed, featuring a soulful, funky party jam, a psychedelic, acid-licked chugger and two further industrial/ambient style cuts. We’re looking forward to hearing more from these guys!" [Phonica Records - London]
| 8 TRACKS ALBUM, VINYL 12", 160gr, 200 limited copies, numbered |


Italian-producer XXXV gold fingers, a.k.a. Marco Erroi, landing his release on Ràkale, the italian label running by Dodi Palese. Owner of the Common Series project/label, Marco has delivered 9 tracks recorded between 2003 and 2007 that we fell in love with at first listen. The fact that they were created more than 10 years ago confirms the futuristic vision of this talented artist that we have been following since his first steps.
For this project we have also involved the Italian illustrator Pierpaolo Gaballo who has been entrusted with the cover of this album, just to offer a good product for the ears but also for the eyes. Get ready to travel in the Marco's world, have a good listen!

| Debut Album - CASSETTE TAPES - Courtesy of Common Series |

Logica Aggregazione is the debut album from Marco Erroi, produced under the name of XXXV gold fingers (Common Series Ltd). 

A long playing conceptually based on investigating the human beings and is ever-evolving logic in relation with the society and the surrounding. 11 tracks which completes sound recordings, guitars, vocals, keyboards and tambourines, drawing a bright and intense sound path made of ambient, folk, experimental and concrete music. All influences that sum up approaches and behaviors of Marco Erroi, who gave us an otherworldly album to be passed through, with mind and soul. Distributed on 100 ltd. gray-sand cassettes (C50). 
| VINYL 12" / 140gr / 250 hand-numbered copies |
| VINYL 7" / 250 hand-numbered copies / Limited Edition |


Extracted from the Various "This is Land of Dance Part 1&2"
VINYL 2x12" - Land Of Dance Records [LOD10PT1&2]
Courtesy of Common Series Ltd
| VINYL limited edition of 150 copies (NBSTlimited 005) |
Courtesy of Common Series Ltd
XXXV gold fingers "Galegos Bar"
[Split Ep w/ Man Dela "The Ritual + Anthon Zap rmx"]
| VINYL & DIGITAL (What Ever Not - WEN010) |
Courtesy of Common Series Ltd
Common Series - CS 04 (TARANTULAE)
| VINYL 12" / 200 limited edition copies |
Extracted from the Various Artist "House Culture"
VINYL - 12Records [12R13]
Courtesy of Common Series Ltd

VINYL & DIGITAL (What Ever Not - WEN006) 
Courtesy of Common Series
| VINYL 12" / 250 limited edition copies |
| VINYL 12" / 200 limited edition copies |
| VINYL 12" / 200 limited edition copies |