Marco Erroi 'Edge Of Blue'

| LP Album - Vinyl 12" limited edition - Courtesy of Common Series |

"Rettangoli di spazio dai contorni indefiniti su sfondo colorato, sospesi, avanzano e retrocedono in un blu profondo. 
Forme reiterate e dense, immagini eclettiche e permeabili, interazione e progressiva semplificazione. 
Ritmo pulsante e sviluppo orizzontale: il punto focale di meditazione." M.E.

PV10 - Marco Erroi - Edge of Blue - LP
Edge Of Blue is the third album by acclaimed italian DJ and producer Marco Erroi and the first released on Pregnant Void.
Erroi has spent his entire life producing and playing electronic music, releasing a series of records that are definitely above average with projects such as 'XXXV Gold Fingers' and 'Common Series', which have led him to be appreciated among the insiders and music enthusiasts around the world.
This, his third album, continues to experiment and explore different musical languages often far from the standards and features collaborations with a series of excellent musicians like Massimo Amato, Pierpaolo Leo, Max Nocco. Tracks feature a mix of synthesizers, toys and percussions that convey a range of exotic moods and grooves throughout, creating unpredictable and unconventional ambience and rhythms.

Artist: Marco Erroi 
Title: Edge Of Blue
Label: Pregnant Void PV10
Release Date: November 20th, 2020 
Format: Digital + Ltd Vinyl 12”
Genre: Ambient, Experimental

Written & Produced by Marco Erroi
Courtesy of Common Series
Pressed at Analog Cut Studio (Berlin)



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