| VINYL limited edition of 150 copies (NBSTlimited 005) |
Courtesy of Common Series Ltd
"The House Of The Vang" is released by Robert Crash on his own NBSTlimited Label, 150 copies only on vinyl.

Written and produced by Marco Erroi 
Courtesy of Common Series Ltd 
Thanks to Marco Vang and Andy Lingard (HEX-Bristol)

A1 - I'm Just Getting' Fired Up (06:07)
A2 - Fuck The Bull (04:44)
A3 - Radio Interference (06:08)
B1 - From 116 To 120 (06:12)
B2 - The House Of The Vang (02:04)
B3 - I Want You Back (06:08)


XXXV gold fingers "The House Of The Vang" - Juno Records
New Boy Shit Trax Limited [NBST 005 limited]
More south Salento homeboys represent on Robert Crash's New Boy Shit Trax imprint; this time in the form of local stalwart Marco Erroi; the man behind the legendary Squat Party events (with Beppe Vivaz) and the Common Series label. Unpredictable as ever, Erroi presents four oddball grooves that defy categorisation but are pretty awesome in their own right. Starting out with the slo-mo, lo-fi techno of "I'm Just Getting' Fired Up", there's then some seriously tunnelling acid deconstruction on "Radio Interference" that'll really get you travelling without moving! On the flip, the title track presents an ensemble of rusty and dusted down drum machines working in perfect mayhem together. Finally "I Want You Back" is an odd recording from a wasted Sunday morning from way back, with some disco oddity playing in the background.
Juno Records