VINYL & DIGITAL (What Ever Not - WEN006) 
Courtesy of Common Series

Dan Mela & Dodi Palese’s What Ever Not reach release number 6 presenting here the super talented Marco Erroi aka Goldfinger (also co-founder of Common Series). An ep going from the electronic deep influences of ‘The M.T.’s’ to the Detroit ‘raw’ sound of ‘Housemate’. To top it all a stylish remix of Mr. Toby Tobias is included! Delusions of Grandeur, Burek and Rekids are just some of the Labels where this London artist has showed already all his versatility. The enchanting voice of Andrea Bellassai aka Andy Bemore definitely fills the distorted sound of “Horizon” by creating a short but very romantic trip.

A1: The M.T.'s (Original mix)
A2: Housemate
B1: The M.T.'s (Toby Tobias Rmx)
A2: Horizon feat. Andy Bemore

Released December 8, 2015 
Written & Produced by Marco Erroi aka GoldFinger 
Courtesy of Common Series Ltd 
Additional remix by Toby Tobias 
Lirycs "Horizon" by Andrea Bellassai aka Andy Bemore 
Executive producers: Dodi Palese & Dan Mela 
2014 - What Ever Not Records


If i could be like an elephant
If i could be like an angel
I leave this place and everything
Rivers, birds, hills and trees
I see them in front of me
Here I feel like a spirit free and there
There, i feel like a free elephant

Tell me the story of unicorn
I'm watching the light
I'm waiting for
The moment we will be stay together
The light that you never say and ever...

And I, I love the height of the mountain
Cry I cry and the tears down on my face
If i couldn't be like an elephant
If i couldn't be like an angel
Here I feel like a spirit free and there
There, i feel like a free elephant


GoldFinger "XXXV EP" -
What Ever Not Records [WEN006]
Dal calore di “The M.T.’s” al tiro irresistibilmente detroitiano di “Housemate”: “XXXV EP” di Marco Erroi, uno dei due volti che si nasconde dietro Common Series, è una release di tutto rispetto che convince tanto per il calore e la pasta dei suoi suoni, quanto per la costruzione delle singole tracce. Quella del pugliese non è musica banale, tutt’altro, che regala bellissime vibrazioni dal primo all’ultimo colpo di cassa, dalla prima all’ultima nota del basso.
Matteo Cavicchia

GoldFinger "XXXV EP" - Technique Records
What Ever Not Records [WEN006]
Toby Tobiasリミックス!名門ディストリビュターWASが新たに配給スタートしたニュー・レーベルWhatevernotから、Common Seriesでも注目を浴びるMarco Erroiによるニュー・プロジェクトGoldfingerとしての新作シングルがリリース!ロウでメロウなリアル・エレクトロニック・サウンドで丁寧に組み立てられたディープ・テクノ・トラック!リミキサーには、Rekidsを軸にUnder The ShadeQuintessentialsTracky BottomsTiny SticksNang Recordsなどでも活躍の実力派クリエイターToby Tobias が参加!ロウ・ハウス系の推薦盤です!!

Technique Records