Common Series is a vinyl series that offers a skyline of the electronic musical village contaminated by the meetings with musicians and working parties during which the dividing line between natural and artificial is constantly reinvented and converted into a Dantesque travel, looking for the fantastic within the real. Releases, musical productions and sound engineering are menaged to Marco Erroi.

Common Series Ltd was established in 2013 in Rome, near the Vatican Walls, by GoldFinger (Marco Erroi) and Richard Edogawa (Alfredo Laurino).

Montemario 2013 - View from the 49th of Vatican Avenue - Rome

Southern Italian producer Marco Erroi is the name behind such projects as Common Series and XXXV gold fingers. Varied yet vital to the local scene, this vinyl addicted DJ is also co-founder and owner of Common Series Ltd (a label which only puts out his own music) and itinerary House/Techno events Squat Party - which plays out in various secret locations in the local region.

His influences are open to a wide variety of music, all absorbed during twenty years of passionate work in the field. His tracks mix the organic and the synthetic, right through the environmental and the fantastical. In addition, he uses a combination of field-recordings, guitars, vocals, hand-tambourines and synthesizers that make for earthly electronic music - both cerebral and visceral.
As a selector, Erroi creates unique DJ sets infuses of house, techno, afro, acid, ambient and concrete grooves - all played with an old-school aftertaste.