|| 4 TRACKS / VINYL / 12" ||

"XXXV hit us with an 8th installment of dancefloor primed edits" - Phonica Records

XXXV Edits 08 
Vinyl Only, 12”
Release date: June 2022


XXXV Edits 08 - Piccadilly Records
Proper shermy, Ron Hardy / Jamal Moss / Steve Poindextor - indebted warehouse wigouts done inna authentic Chi-town fashion here from tape mangler XXXV. Twisting club workouts strictly for freaks and containing an encyclopedia of dance music tropes and references that just the four tracks featured here should give you enough homework to research!
I'm talking acid, vocal manipulations, floor toms a plenty, warped n fried tape loops - the stuff Ron Hardy would have you tootin' PCP outta your arse for and more recently the jams that Jamal Moss / Hieroglyphic Being would twist your head inside out with during one of his great, Muzic Box-influenced DJ sets.
They don't make many records like this any more, instant cult collector status amongst true house heads! Don't sleep! 
Piccadilly Records

XXXV Edits 08 - Phonica Records
XXXV hit us with an 8th installment of dancefloor primed edits.
Phonica Records

XXXV Edits 08 - Technique Records
>> www.technique.co.jp/item/257827,XXXVEDITS08.html
Technique Records

XXXV Edits 08 - Juno Records
Common Series founder Marco Erroi dons his XXXV Edits hat once more for a trip into the dark side of the disco, digging up heaters from the formative years of electronic dance music and giving it a gnarly tweak for the deviant techno crowd. First up is 'Walk', which does some dirty acid magic with a Skatt Bros classic, ably assisted by Robert Crash. There's more bubbling 303 magic to savour on 'Life', while 'Touch' throws down hard on the drums and vocal edits with devastating, club-wrecking results. The Mechanical Man lends a hand on 'Phone', which rides an unsettlingly reverbed vocal which comes off sounding a little like Seven Davis Jr.
Juno Records