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Fifth release of the Common Series. CS 05 (TIRANË) is dedicated to migration and to all identities; it is the celebration of the meeting with the Albanian tenor Edmond Lila. World Music with Opera contaminations in the main track; gothic and dark atmospheres on the B side.

This is a beautiful and moving story, simple and true, made of exchanges and people. This is a record with backpackers, which travelled between two opposite shores of the same sea for long time. The music that comes out does not even know all the weight it carries on, this record is contaminated by an ancient migration dating back to the fifteenth century and the people that were called Arbëreshë, which they are the Albanians of Italy. They settled in southern Italy and created a new ethnic group.

In this record there is another story, the story of two young people, one of them is Maria, she is an Italian girl from Lecce and she went to Albany in the 90s to do volunteering. The other one is Edmond, he is from Albany and he is a tenor who worked as employer in the National Opera Theatre of Tirana. They met in the most common way: at their friend’s house. Edmond and Maria met each other and they fell in love. They decided to get married in Tirana, they call Tirana their Paris of south Europe. In 1997 the Albanian financial was collapse and also there was a chaos in the country, which caused the death of 2,000 people and the UN intervention: every foreign country brought back all the people to their mothers country. So Maria and Edmond moved on the other shores of that same sea through the Strait of Otranto and went to Lecce, in Italy. Edmond is still working as tenor at the Petruzzelli Theatre in Bari and Maria continues to volunteer wherever help is needed. 

Also this is a story of two artists who are influenced each other by profound respect and also they come from two different worlds: the Opera and the Electronic Music. Marco and Edmond have colonized each other. Marco, dj-producer, comes from “Salento” but he defines himself like the illegitimate son of Detroit-Techno. Edmond has power of an Arabic tenor, which is in his DNA because he has influences of the Turkish-Ottoman peoples who are old conquerors of Albany. The only things that unify them are the land where they live now ‘Salento’ and they casually met in their shared journey. 

The shift is the ‘fil rouge’ of all the stories I’ve told you. What you are about to hear is a sensorial and meditative journey and it was staged in the Laboratory of Art and Life POSÌA. Which saw both of them perform in front of an audience, this has suspense between two shores of the same sea. 
Olimpia Camilli 

Limited to 250 copies hand numbered


Title: CS 05 (TIRANË)
Format: Vinyl 7"
Label: Common Series Ltd
Cat. number: CS#05
Release Date: April 2017

A (5:05 min)
B1 (1:36 min)
B2 (2:30 min)
B3 (3:40 min)

Written and produced by Marco Erroi
Lyrics and Vocals: Edmond Lila
Illustrations: Noemi De Feo
2017 © Common Series Ltd

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