“To invent sound worlds with nostalgia for the unknown”

In German there is a word to express the nostalgia of the unknown: fernweh, translatable as nostalgia for the other, desire to leave the known circumstances and open up to the world. The word fernweh is the opposite of heimweh, nostalgia in the proper sense, the desire of the homeland or of the home.

From this friction of times and places and the magic of the crossroads are born the music of the CS 07 (LAS CANCHAS).
Here there isn’t nostalgia for the past, but for the elsewhere. Experimentation, differences and becoming are built through electronics, used not as a tool but as a vehicle for infinite movement of form. Like a cloud when it turns ‘lightly’ into unceasing shapes. Star maps, existential paths, fables and planetary vision are filte- red in the living mixer of the producer Marco Erroi and returned in the form of soundscapes, sudden encounters and lightning strikes, beyond the known places.

There is a point where memory and vision meet, it is the same where the desert and the space meet, the point where sparks and vertigo are produced. Where imaginary landscapes produce sounds and visions. (Marc Tibaldi)

VINYL (out October 2018)
Limited edition of 200 copies - hand numbered

Title: CS 07 (LAS CANCHAS)
Format: LP, Vinyl 12"(160gr) + Download Card, Sealed
Label: Common Series Ltd
Cat. number: CS#07
Release Date: October 2018

EL DIA side
A1: Dia 1 (3:31)
A2: Dia 2 (4:53)
A3: Dia 3 (5:11) 
A4: Dia 4 (4:49)
B1: Tarde 1 (6:11)
B2: Tarde 2 (4:32)
B3: Tarde 3 (6:03) 
B4: Tarde 4 (2:21)

Written and produced by Marco Erroi
Sax/Horns in DIA1-4, TARDE1-2-3: Emanuele ‘Rag’ Raganato 
Guitar in DIA3-4, TARDE3: Stefano ‘Algerino’ Greco 
Synths in DIA3-4: Gigi Chord
Vocals in DIA3: Edmond Lila
Vocals in TARDE2: Andy Bemore

2018 © Common Series Ltd

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